Pivot Spark Screen (Made In USA)



This durable steel Pivot Spark Screen fits select sizes of  “The Patriot Fire Pit”, “The Liberty Fire Pit” and the “Fire Chalice” Artisan Fire Bowl.  Designed by FirepitScreens, it combines sleek and modern styling with tough American quality and durability. The outer ring of the Pivot Spark Screen features 1/4″ thick American Steel and is finished with bold “Black High-Heat-Resistant Finish“, which provides for a tough industrial finish. The Spark Screen is two halves that are attached by a pivot point, allowing one half to lift up and recess under the other half.  The Pivot Spark Screen features clamps that allow for a snug and secure fitment of the stationary side onto the “The Patriot” Fire Pit, "The Liberty" Fire Pit and “Fire Chalice” Artisan Fire Bowls, yet still allows for easy access with the moveable side. This Spark Screen is 100% Made in America.  (Spark Screen cannot be used in conjunction with any other Fire Pit accessory such as Flat Fire Pit Lid, Table Top or MARs products.)


Add a quality Spark Screen to your Ohio Flame Patriot Fire Pit, Liberty Fire Pit and Fire Chalice Artisan Fire Bowls.


**Note: Ohio Flame is not a manufacturer of Spark Screens.  However, we do work with a manufacturer who custom makes Sparks Screens specifically designed to fit select sizes of our Patriot and Liberty lines of Fire Pits.  These Spark Screens are made to order, and the order is secured with your payment at the time of order.  Your order is then sent to the manufacturer for production.  Your order will be updated with tracking information only when the order is shipped from the manufacturer.  Currently, Spark Screen orders are taking 1 - 2 weeks from the time of order to ship out.  Tracking information will be sent when the order ships out.**



Limited One Year Warranty on Spark Screens, no warranty on the paint.

24" Pivot Screen has a 12" Center Height

30" Pivot Screen has a 15" Center Height

36" Pivot Screen has a 18" Center Height

37" Pivot Screen has a **" Center Height

41" Pivot Screen has a **" Center Height

42" Pivot Screen has a 21" Center Height

48" Pivot Screen has a 24" Center Height


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