Natural Steel Finish

Ohio Flame Natural Steel Finish

Natural Steel Finish is the finish of the steel as it comes out of the steel mill.  The carbon grade steel that we purchase out of the steel mills in not checked for color characteristics (since that has nothing to do with its strength and durability), but more so for visible defects such as stress cracks and delaminations.  The Natural Steel Finish can cover a range of colors; from more of a light gray or silver, to more brown or even a dark gray.  These colors are temporary and will change as the Fire Pit begins it's "Patina Process".  There may be color variations on the Fire Pit you receive compared to the fire pit that is shown in the listing since every Fire Pit may have it's own unique finish.  Again, the "Natural Steel Finish" is a temporary appearance as the Fire Pit begins to age in its "Patina Process".