Safety Precautions

WARNING: Fire Pits must be used OUTDOORS ONLY and ALWAYS placed on a sturdy non-flammable surface.

DANGER: Failure to follow these warnings or precautions in this may result in serious bodily injury or death, or in a fire resulting in damage to property.

Common Sense Precautions

  • Always use the Fire Pit in accordance with all applicable state and local codes. If you are unsure of your local burning codes,contact your local fire department for details regarding outdoor burning in your area.
  • Do NOT leave the Fire Pit unattended during operation.
  • Do NOT allow children to operate the Fire Pit.
  • Do NOT leave children or pets unattended while operating the Fire Pit.
  • Do NOT allow children to sit or stand on the Fire Pit or to play with the Fire Pit.
  • Do NOT place clothing or flammable materials on or near the Fire Pit.
  • Do NOT let clothing or other flammable materials come in contact with or be placed close by to any Fire Pit or Fire Pit Accessory (grate, screen, lid, fire tool, etc.) until it has completely cooled.
  • Do NOT touch the Fire Pit, Fire Pit Accessory (grate, screen, lid, fire tool, etc.), or immediate surroundings while operation Fire Pit as these areas become extremely hot and may cause burns or injury.
  • Proper apparel is a safety consideration. Never wear loose fitting or hanging garments while using the Fire Pit.
  • Do NOT heat any unopened glass or metal container on the Fire Pit. Pressure may build up and cause the container to burst resulting in serious personal injury.
  • Do NOT use gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, lighter fluid or alcohol to light or relight fires. Liquids may leak through the rain drain of the Fire Pit.
  • Do NOT use Fire Pit in overly windy conditions.
  • Do NOT tip Fire Pit over while in use or while embers are hot.
  • Do NOT attempt to move or store Fire Pit until all ashes and coals are completely extinguished.
  • Do NOT remove ashes or coals from Fire Pit until they are completely extinguished and Fire Pit has cooled.
  • Do NOT overload the Fire Pit. Do NOT add additional firewood until the fire burns down.  If any part of the Fire Pit is glowing red, then the Fire Pit is overloaded.
  • Avoid breathing smoke from the fire or letting it into your eyes.
  • Avoid burning plants such as poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac. Oils can be spread via smoke and cause severe reactions for people in the vicinity.
  • This Fire Pit is NOT intended for commercial use. This will void the Lifetime Warranty.
  • For optimal results, Fire Pit should be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis.
  • The use of alcohol, prescription or non-prescription drugs may impair the consumer’s ability to properly and safely operate the Fire Pit.
  • Heat-resistant gloves or hot pads are recommended when using Fire Pit Accessories.



  • Fire Pit is intended for OUTDOOR USE ONLY and should be installed in a fully vented open air area which is constructed of non-combustible material. NOTE: Do NOT use this product in a building, garage or any other enclosed area.  Do NOT use this product for indoor heating as carbon monoxide fumes can accumulate and cause asphyxiation.
  • Fire pit should always be used on a hard, level, non-flammable surface such as concrete, rock or stone. An asphalt or blacktop surface may not be acceptable for this purpose.
  • Do NOT place on wooden or composite decks.
  • Fire Pit should not be placed less than (10) ten feet from walls, structures or buildings. Please check your local burning laws, as this requirement may vary based on the laws in your area.
  • Fire Pit should not be operated in or near an explosive environment. Keep Fire Pit clear of combustible materials, gasoline and other flammable liquids.
  • Fire Pit should be installed on a flat and stable surface, away from any combustible materials or construction.
  • Fire Pit should not be used in or on boats and recreational vehicles.
  • Do NOT use Fire Pit near automobiles, trucks, vans, or recreational vehicles.
  • Fire Pit should not be used under any overhead or near any unprotected combustible constructions. Do not use Fire Pit near overhanging trees and shrubs.