Browse through some Frequently Asked Questions regarding Ohio Flame’s American Made Fire Pits.  See what makes this company and their Fire Pits unique. 

Do you make and natural gas or propane burning Fire Pits, or do you offer any conversion kits?

Because of liability concerns, we do not make or sell any natural gas or propane burning Fire Pits, nor do we make or offer any conversion kits to do so.  Our Fire Pits are sold as wood burning only.  We have heard that some customers have had them professionally converted to either natural gas or propane burning and they have found that the 1" diameter Rain Drain is convenient for running a pipe to supply a gas burner in the fire bowl, but we suggest that any modifications of our product be done so with a licensed professional.  Ohio Flame is not liable for any damage or injury that may result in the modification of our products.

Do you offer any custom designs or do custom work?

Absolutely!  We love doing custom work.  Have an idea?  Let us know.  Email us or Call us Toll Free: 1 (888) 425-7771.

How much do these Fire Pits weigh?

The weight of our Fire Pits depends entirely on the size of the Fire Pit.  Our lightest Fire Pit is 38 lbs and the heaviest is 260 lbs.  An approximate product weight for each Fire Pit can be found on each product page.

How sturdy is the Ohio Flame Fire Pit?

Our Fire Pits are VERY sturdy.  It seems we always get asked, "How do you get the Fire Bowl to balance on the base like that"  Our pedestal base is welded onto our Fire Bowls, so tipping the Fire Pit over is nearly impossible.  We like the design and the questions that it makes people ask.

Do you offer painted Fire Pits?

We no longer offer painted Fire Pits.  There are no known finishes out there that we have found that will not burn off after use.  We don't feel that this matches the quality that we represent at Ohio Flame.  For that reason, we choose to not offer paint finishes of any kind.  There are some high-heat engine enamel spray paints out there in a wide variety of colors and metal finishes if you are set on having a painted Fire Pit.  These too will burn off after some use.

How long can I expect my Fire Pit to last?

We offer a Lifetime Warranty on the steel of the Fire Bowl.  Because we use thick gauge American steel, our Fire Pits are guaranteed to not rust through, rot or warp in your lifetime.  Although our steel Fire Pits will develop a natural iron oxide patina over time, this process occurs only at the surface level.  Over time, this patina process will darken slightly and act as a protective finish that will prevent the steel below from continuing to oxidize. You can probably expect these Fire Pits to last for several generations, but to keep things simple, we just call it a Lifetime Warranty.

Is any maintenance required for my Ohio Flame Fire Pit?

No maintenance is required on our Fire Pits.  Because we use thick gauge American steel that can withstand the elements, you don't have to baby the Fire Pit or put a cover on it when it's not in use.  It's also not required to bring in your Fire Pit at the end of the summer season.  Our Fire Pits are built for year round use.  We're used to cold and snowy Winters and rainy Springs in Northeast Ohio and our Fire Pits can stand up to what mother nature brings our way.  We put a substantial center hole in the center of the Fire Bowl to serve as a Rain Drain and let out any rain water accumulation.  The only thing that we suggest is to periodically empty out any excessive accumulation of ash or debris from the Fire Bowl.  This can be done with a shovel when the ash and debris have cooled.

Is any assembly required for your Fire Pits?

Unless you consider "assembly" removing the Fire Pit from it's packaging or pallet, the answer is no.  Our Fire Pit design features a two piece welded design.  Not only does this mean that there is nothing to assemble, it also minimizes problematic areas or parts which may become susceptible to damage.  We design our Fire Pits to last a lifetime, and we like to keep them easy to use and maintain.

How much of your Fire Pits are American Made?

Our Fire Pits are 100% American made.  Our Fire Bowls are cold formed from American Steel by using American mechanical presses.  All of our welding and fabricating is done in-house by a local American artist.  We source our sand blasting to a great local contact of ours who is in our community.  Their shop is also locally owned and supports American Made.  Buying an Ohio Flame American Made Fire Pit is a great way to support American Made!

Do you support Buy American and American Made?

We are extremely passionate about buying American Made and supporting the local economy.  As much as we possibly can, we only purchase materials that are made in the USA.  We only use American steel, mostly from domestic mills that are here in Ohio.  Ohio Flame also purchases fabrication materials, manufacturing equipment and packaging supplies that are sold from American companies.  We also choose to work with local vendors whenever possible to help our local economy.  Our customers support "American Made" and we continue to do our best to ensure that our company supports products that are Made in the USA.

What makes Ohio Flame Fire Pits different?

The answer is simple...steel thickness.  The big difference between our Fire Pits and the ones that you'll find at those large box stores is the thickness of the steel we use.  The Fire Pits found at those retail stores are very light weight and use foreign sheet metal.  This sheet metal, on average, is only .017" thick (we've checked using a micrometer)!  They do this because it cheaper; cheaper to purchase and cheaper to handle and ship.  And they know that when it rusts out, you'll be back to buy another one.  We use steel that is much thicker, on average .174"+.  Exact steel thickness depends on the model and size of the Fire Pit.  We choose to purchase American steel sourced from local steel mills from here in Ohio.  We like quality steel and supporting our local economy.

Do you use Corten Steel and are they 1/4" thick?

Knowledge is power, and we encourage our customers to ask questions.  Don't fall for some of these marketing buzzwords that some of these manufacturers throw around.  Here's a quick history lesson:  Corten steel is a type of steel that is known to oxidize and weather, and is most often used in outdoor construction.  Corten is a trademarked blend of steel alloys,  which was developed and patented by US Steel in the 1930’s.  Known for its corrosion resistance and tensile strength, it became a popular product for outdoor projects in the 1960’s.  The proprietary composition is only available from US Steel in strip-mill plate and sheet form.  Corten is not a product that is available to the public, and anybody who claims that their products are made of Corten are most likely unaware of what their products are made of or is intentionally misleading customers by using a buzzword associated with a specific brand of steel.  When manufacturers claims they have Corten steel, it is most likely not.  Closest comparable alternatives included the following grades: A606 Type 4, A588, or A847.  These forms of steel exhibit excellent corrosion resistance by developing an oxide barrier over the underlying metal which further slows down future corrosion.

Our goal is to educate the customer and to be honest and transparent.  We do not use Corten steel, nor will we mislead customers with throwing that name out there.  Our steel is a carbon grade steel, and while it is not Corten steel, it also exhibits a similar oxidation and weathering process that helps to protect the underlying material.  We encourage our potential customers to watch out and ask questions when other manufacturer’s throw out terms like “corten steel” or “1/4” thick”.  Ask for material test reports or actual thickness using a micrometer.  Please ask questions when in doubt.

For more information about what is and what isn’t Corten steel, you can visit:

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes, Wholesale Pricing is available for qualified retailers.  The best way to apply for a Wholesale Account is to request an account at

What is your Return Policy?

Our Return Policy covers damaged or defective products only.  If you feel that your product is defective or has been damaged during shipment, please contact one of our Customer Service representatives immediately.  If the product is found to be defective or damaged, either a replacement or refund may be issued.   Any refund issued will be applied to method of payment that was used at the time of order.  If the product was damaged during shipment, we will require for you to provide us with information and pictures of the damaged product including packaging so that we may file a claim with our shipper.  Our Return Policy excludes "buyer's remorse".

How will my Fire Pit be shipped?

How we ship depends on the size of the Fire Pit.  We are able to ship FedEx Ground and UPS Ground for all Fire Pits weighing up to 150 lbs.  These parcel shipments will arrive in a double wall corrugated box, with no signature being required.  Heavier Fire Pits will ship via LTL Freight.  These freight shipments will arrive on a pallet or palletized box.  A signature will be required for all freight shipments.  We factor Residential Delivery charges and Liftgate Service charges into the cost of the product so you will not be surprised with any unexpected fees at the time of delivery.

Do you have a showroom where I can look at these Fire Pits and pick one up?

We have always been a manufacturing shop and have kept overhead low by not building out a fancy showroom.  Although we've become much busier than we were in our early years, we remain committed to keeping overhead low which allows us to keep our pricing the best that we can offer.  Our manufacturing shop is not open to the general public.  However, we do allow customer appointments that are By Appointment Only.  During the pandemic, we offered a Curbside Pick Up option that has worked out very well, and as a courtesy to our local customers, we will continue this policy.  Curbside Pick Up is an option for customers who place their order in advance and wish to pick up their order directly at our facility.  For your safety and ours, we will not be accepting payments in any form at our facility.  Pick up orders must be placed ahead of time and paid for at the time of order.  Arrangements will then be made to pick up the order outside of our facility.  To incentivize this option, we offer a 20% off of your order with coupon code: PICKUP.  Using this coupon code deducts approximated shipping costs from your order and flags your order in our system as being picked up by the customer.  You will be contacted by Ohio Flame via email when your order is ready for pickup.  Please note; Curbside Pick Hours are by scheduled appointment only, and in general will only be on weekdays between 8AM - 4PM.  No weekends or after hours.

How long will it take for my Fire Pit to be shipped?

The answer depends on size of the Fire Pit and current stock levels.  In-stock products can ship out next day.  Larger Fire Pits and products that are not in-stock can ship out 5 - 7 business days.  Days in transit can range 5 - 6 days for west coast deliveries, and 2 - 4 everywhere else in the continental USA.

Can you ship to Canada, Alaska or Hawaii?

Yes, we can ship outside of the continental USA.  Please Email Us or Call us Toll Free for rates. 1 (888) 425-7771

Is this Fire Pit safe for my deck?

We suggest that you not place Fire Pits on any flammable or combustible surface such as wooden decks.

Common Sense Precautions

These Fire Pits are intended for OUTDOOR USE only and should be installed in a fully vented open air patio area which is constructed of non-combustible material. NOTE: Do not use this product in a building, garage or any other enclosed area. Do NOT use this product for indoor heating as TOXIC carbon monoxide fumes can accumulate and cause asphyxiation.  · Fire Pit should always be used on a hard, level, non-flammable surface such as concrete, rock or stone. An asphalt or blacktop surface may not be acceptable for this purpose. Do NOT place on wooden decks.  · Fire Pit should not be placed less than (10) feet (3.05 m) from walls, structures or buildings.  · Fire Pit should not be operated in an explosive atmosphere. Keep Fire Pit clear of combustible materials, gasoline and other flammable liquids.  · Fire Pit should be installed on any flat, stable surface away from any combustible materials or construction.  · Fire Pit not to be used in or on boats or recreational vehicles.  · Do NOT use Fire Pit near automobiles, trucks, vans or recreational vehicles.  · Fire Pit should not be used under any overhead or near any unprotected combustible constructions. Do not use Fire Pit near or under overhanging trees and shrubs.  What safety precautions should I take into consideration with a Fire Pit? · Always use the Fire Pit in accordance with all applicable local, state and national codes. Contact your local fire department for details regarding outdoor burning. · Do NOT leave the Fire Pit unattended during operation.  · Do NOT allow children to operate the Fire Pit.  · Do NOT leave children or pets unattended while operating the Fire Pit.  · Do NOT allow children to sit or stand on the Fire Pit or play with the Fire Pit.  · Do NOT place Clothing and flammable materials on or near the Fire Pit.  · Do NOT let clothing or other flammable materials come in contact with or close to any Fire Pit or Fire Pit Accessory (ie; grate, screen, lid) until it has cooled. Fabric may ignite and cause personal injury.  · Do NOT touch the Fire Pit, Fire Pit Accessories, or immediate surroundings while operating the Fire Pit as these areas become extremely hot and could cause burns.  · Proper apparel is a safety consideration. Never wear loose fitting or hanging garments while using the Fire Pit.  · Do NOT heat any unopened glass or metal container of food on the Fire Pit. Pressure could build up and cause the container to burst resulting in serious personal injury.  · Do NOT reach over the Fire Pit when it is hot or in use.  · Do NOT use gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, lighter fluid or alcohol to light or relight fires. Liquids may leak through rain drain of Fire Pit.  · Do NOT use Fire Pit in overly windy conditions.  · Do NOT tip fire pit over while in use or while embers are hot.  · Do NOT attempt to move or store Fire Pit until all ashes and coals are completely extinguished.  · Do NOT remove ashes or coals from Fire Pit until they are completely and fully extinguished and Fire Pit has cooled.  · Do NOT overload the Fire Pit. Do NOT add additional firewood until the fire burns down. If any part of the Fire Pit is glowing red, then the Fire Pit is overloaded.  · Avoid breathing smoke from the fire and getting it into your eyes.  · Avoid burning plants such as Poison Ivy, Poison Oak and Poison Sumac. The resins can be spread via smoke and can cause severe reactions for people in the vicinity.  · This Fire Pit is NOT intended for commercial use.  · For optimal results, Fire Pit should be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis.  · The use of alcohol, prescription or non-prescription drugs may impair the consumer’s ability to properly or safely operate the Fire Pit.  · Heat-resistant gloves or hot pads are recommended when using Fire Pit Accessories. · Neither Ohio Flame, LLC nor their affiliates will be liable for injury or damage caused due to carelessness or misuse of our products.

PROPOSITION 65 WARNING: Fuel used in wood or charcoal burning appliances and the combustible products of such fuels contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.


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