Veterans Appreciation 2018

Ohio Flame Inc. was proud to again select four US Veterans this year to honor as part of our annual Veterans Appreciation event!  Veterans were chosen based on the submissions of their loved ones telling us why they are special to to them or how they served our Country.  Congratulations to all of our US Veterans!

Actual submissions are below:

Veterans Appreciation 2018 submission from Karla Dye:

"I submit my father who served in the Navy during Vietnam. He says he was a River Rat.

Charles Nicholas - 2018 Veterans Appreciation

Charles Nicholas -US Navy

He is now the president of the Ohio Veterans Memorial Park here in Ohio. He is 75 years old and works hard to preserve the park and do many activities throughout the year for veterans and families.  He has a long line of military in the family as his father and uncle both served, his brother, his son/my brother was Navy also, he has 3 grandchildren who’ve served. My son Air Force, my daughter Air Force and my nephew Navy. He is proud of his military family and stands for veterans daily!
He deserves to be recognized."

Congratulations on your father, Charles Nicholas, being selected as one of the Veterans we will be honoring this year!


Veterans Appreciation 2018 submission from Cpl Foldi, Elijah J. USMC 06-11:

"I am honored to submit my sister, Hannah D. Stafford. Then Marine Cpl Foldi, Hannah D. of Maintence Battalion on Camp Lejeune, NC served almost 5 years of active service between 2007 to 2012.

Hannah Stafford - 2018 Veterans Appreciation

Marine Cpl Hannah D. Stafford - US Marines

She did one deployment to Iraqi in 2008 where she spent Christmas. She did one deployment to Afghanistan in 2010 where she spent another Christmas away from friends and family. She was known as "The Mother of the Platoon". Which more then often spread to other platoons. She has always had a helping/loving spirit. Not only did she sign up at a time of war, but she took on a primary male MOS as a Heavy Equipment Mechanic. She had to prove she had what it took to "keep up with the guys". It did not take long for her unit to realize there was something different about my sister. She has always gone above and beyond the call of duty. She was originally from Adena, OH but met a man in the USMC from TX, that she now calls her husband. After getting out of the Corps she move to TX to be with her husband. She was medically separated from the USMC for a very unusual eye disorder. The doctors could not figure out what was wrong with her eyes and to this day still haven't. Her eye condition has gotten better with time but still gives her a lot of problems. Despite the hand she was dealt, she has not let that stop her from enjoying life. She is a mother of two little boys, and an awesome aunt to five nieces and two nephew. A woman like my sister, to me, deserves to be honored in one way or another."

Congratulations on your sister, Hannah Stafford, being selected as one of the Veterans we will be honoring this year!


Veterans Appreciation 2018 submission from Teresa Consentino:

"I nominate my father, Travis J Brown , he’s currently 85. He served in the army and Marines and fought during the Korean War.  He’s always have been proud to serve the USA!!  

Travis Brown - Veterans Appreciation 2018

Travis J Brown - US Marines / US Army
My dad was always a hard worker, he made his living as a  distance truck driver. My parents have been married for 62 years and 4 children. To be honest we didn’t hear A lot of stories about the military until the past few years now that he’s older. It’s  been amazing hearing about it,  him jumping out of planes (missed their mark and got stuck in a tree) , lol. He was also a cook in the Army and that paid off for us kids because we had 2 parents that could cook :0) 
When he was in Korea he had gotten tattoos, one was a panther that was his platoons mascot i guess you could say and a lady on his arm and i remember when i was little I’d tell him to make her dance, lol.  Now i bet that lady could tell some stories, haha.. oh and of course the bulldog with the helmet he wears proudly. (I know there’s a name for that just not sure what it is) 
I will say one thing he’s always said,  he loved serving his country and wouldn’t of changed a thing!!"
Congratulations on your father, Travis Brown, being selected as one of the Veterans we will be honoring this year!
Veterans Appreciation 2018 submission from Corrine Melton:
"I wanted to nominate my husband Brent Jay Melton.
Brent Melton - 2018 Veterans Appreciation
Brent J. Melton - US Army
He is very special to me as he in my partner through all life has thrown at us.  He is a dad to 6 kids, ages 11 years to 10 months and gives his all to his family day in and day out.  He served in the United States Army from 2006 to 2010.  Deployed to Iraq 2008-2009 with C Battery 2nd Battalion 8th Field Artillery Regiment to combat outpost Mulallah, Diyala Provence. He currently does OIF/OEF displays around Ohio and Michigan to share the stories of other soldiers who has served so their stories aren’t lost and runs the global war on terrorism history project at He has passion for other veterans and soldiers by listening to the many stories and hardships they have faced while serving our country, while also striving to educate the public who come to events or online about the day to day life of being a soldier during war."
Congratulations on your husband, Brent Melton, being selected as one of the Veterans we will be honoring this year!