The Patina Process

Ohio Flame Patina FinishWhat is Patina?  In metal, Patina is the finish that develops on the metal’s surface over a period of time due to a natural weathering and oxidation process.  Many of our products start out in a state that we refer to as a "Natural Steel Finish".  This finish is simply the uncoated mill finish of the steel after it is formed at the mill.  Usually this "Natural Steel Finish" appears gray or silver, but this too may vary based on the batch of sourced raw steel material used.  No protective coating or finish is applied to the steel to preserve it from weathering or beginning to form its natural iron oxide patina (otherwise known as rust).  This weathering/patina process is a completely natural reaction that occurs when water (i.e. rain, moisture, humidity) and oxygen comes in contact with the iron in the untreated "Natural Steel Finish".  The patina process usually starts off orange-ish in color, but will become more dark brown in appearance as the steel is continually exposed to water and heat.  Because the amount of direct exposure to these natural elements may vary on specific parts of the product(s), some areas may or may not weather/patina as fast as others.  All Fire Pits and their accessory products are constructed out of the same high carbon-grade steel and will eventually look similar with time and use.  This weathering/patina process occurs at the surface level and the Patina finish helps to act as a coating, protecting the metal underneath from material degradation.  So even though the surface may look rusty, the Fire Bowl will not rust through, warp or rot out over time.  Some customers may decide to paint their fire pits with a high heat paint, which is available in several color options.  Please be advised; this option will require routine upkeep in order to maintain the desired optimal cosmetic appearance.