Veterans Appreciation 2019

Ohio Flame Inc. was proud to select three US Veterans this year to honor as part of our annual Veterans Appreciation event!  Veterans were chosen based on the submissions of their loved ones telling us why they are special to to them or how they served our Country.  Congratulations to all of our US Veterans!

Actual submissions are below:

Veterans Appreciation 2019 submission from Sue Good:

Zane Good Veterans Appreciation 2019


"I nominate my awesome husband of 43 years, Zane Good. He was a Specialist 5 in the US Army from June 1967 until March 1970 working as a 32G20 Fixed Crypto Repairman. He served in Nha Trang, Vietnam from March 1968 until March 1969.

Zane is the hardest working and most giving person I know, always putting others needs before his own. He’s a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, musician and neighbor. He has volunteered at New Life Church and Pleasant Valley Church since the early 1990’s until present serving as the bass player in their Praise Bands.

Upon retirement he has devoted his time to babysitting our grandson David, playing music with friends and teaching bass guitar.

Zane is a blessing to our family and everyone who knows him. Thank you so much for this wonderful way to honor our veterans!"

Congratulations on your husband, Zane Good, being selected as one of the Veterans we will be honoring this year!


Veterans Appreciation 2019 submission from Michelle McCraken:

 Jake McCracken Veterans Appreciation 2019

"My husband, Jacob McCracken, served in the Us Navy as a submariner. Many times submariners are under valued by many during their service. This picture is minutes before he left on deployment, saying goodbye to our 2 year old son. Submariners are gone on a constant basis. They have many missions and downtime is not a thing they see often. But when he was home, he was always there for us and others. He was a constant volunteer & helping of others at any time he could. He was a volunteer firefighter at the local station, he volunteered as a medic driver for the local hospital. He was a scout leader for our son, who followed through to earn Eagle scout & join the Army himself. He cleaned graves & put up flags for other veterans. He was an assistant coach for our son, even though he wasn't into sports himself, to help make sure the kids had a good time. Helped friend's wives whose husbands were away. While he was in, he had an injuring to his knee that was never cared for properly. He also fell and has a horrible back injury. He now deals with daily pain the VA hasn't been able to lessen. All the while, he still volunteers as much as he can. He is a member of his local VFW, where is constantly helping there. He is a Ham Radio operator that volunteers at every event he can to help his community. I am thankful for him everyday, as is our son & now our granddaughter, that he enjoys every moment with. He is what everyone who loves their country should strive for. He constantly gives of himself, to help others. He is an amazing man and an amazing Veteran. He deserves something given back to him. His joy is to sit around a fire, when he has time to relax, and enjoy life.

Michelle McCracken, proud Navy Submariner Veteran spouse."

 Congratulations on your husband, Jake McCracken, being selected as one of the Veterans we will be honoring this year!


Veterans Appreciation 2019 submission from Amanda Wentzell:

 Adam Wentzell Veterans 2019 Appreciation


"My Uncle served in the Marine Corps for eleven years. His name is Adam Wentzell. My Uncle was 18 when he joined, and now he is 36 years young. He inspired me due to the fact that he is smart, funny and very talented. My Uncle Adam is extremely smart. When he joined the Corps, he decided that he wanted to be part of the American elite and protect this Country. Adam can do almost anything and everything when he puts his mind to it. He has built things I know I never could and fixed things without even trying to look it up. Adam is funny by telling funny jokes when you have a bad day. Even in darkest time, he still cracks a joke and a smile. He sees the best in everyone, plus he puts everyone in front of him. Do not get me wrong, just because he’s funny doesn’t mean he doesn’t take things seriously, like his job and my Aunt. My Uncle is very talented and can do anything he puts his mind to. He teaches me not only education with books, but life skills I will need once I become a man. He calls them street smarts and book smarts. His knowledge in not just one thing, but a bunch of things is inspiring. So my Uncle, my Marine, inspires me not only because he is smart, funny and talented, but because he is always there. You can take the Marine out of the Corps, but you never the Corps out of the Marine. I hope one day I can be half the man that he has been to me and my brother. I do not know what we would do without such an amazing person in our life." - Nephew of Sgt. Adam Wentzell

Congratulations on your Uncle, Sgt. Adam Wentzell, being selected as one of the Veterans we will be honoring this year!