Ohio Flame fire pit - American Made Steel

Ohio Flame: The Superior Steel Story Behind Our Fire Pits

September 28, 2023

Greetings to our fire enthusiasts and backyard aficionados,

When it comes to elevating outdoor experiences, the centerpiece often becomes the warm, inviting glow of a fire pit. But not all fire pits are created equal. A fire pit’s quality lies in the composition of its materials, primarily the type and the thickness used. This significantly influences the fire pit's longevity, aesthetics, and overall performance. At Ohio Flame, we're not just committed to crafting beautiful fire pits; we're dedicated to ensuring they stand the test of time. Today, we'll journey into the heart of our fire pits, focusing on the steel we use and what sets it apart.

Unearthing the Foundations: American Made Steel

The essence of Ohio Flame's commitment to quality is rooted in our choice of steel: thick gauge American Made Steel. Sourced domestically, this steel is renowned for its superior quality, durability, and resilience. But why does this matter for your fire pit?

  1. Strength & Durability: American Made Steel is known for its robust design, thanks to our choice of steel thickness. This means our fire pits can withstand  yearlong exposure to the elements and remain a backyard staple for decades to come.  Our steel thicknesses range from 3/16” to ¼” thick.
  2. American Quality: Where steel comes from matters.  American carbon grade steel meets or exceeds CS/CQ (Commercial Grade/Commercial Quality) requirements.  Most import steel in these applications do not come with these certifications or quality.
  3. Supporting Local Industries: By choosing American Made Steel, we're not just assuring quality; we're supporting local industries, jobs, and making sure that your hard earned money is staying in our country.

The Thickness Matters: Heavy Gauge Steel

At Ohio Flame, we don't compromise. Our fire pits are crafted from heavy gauge American steel, which provides several distinct advantages:

  1. Enhanced Durability: The thicker the steel, the more resilient the fire pit. This ensures that your Ohio Flame fire pit withstands various elements, from searing heat to chilling cold, without warping or deteriorating.
  2. Better Heat Retention: A thicker fire pit radiates heat more efficiently. This means even after the fire dies down, the warmth lingers, prolonging your cozy outdoor moments.
  3. Richer Patina Development: Over time, heavy gauge steel develops a richer, more uniform patina. This natural oxidation process gives your fire pit a unique, rustic charm without compromising its integrity.

Craftsmanship Meets Quality Material

It's not just about the steel; it's about how we mold it into the fire pits you love. Our craftsmanship, combined with the impeccable quality of American Made Steel, ensures:

  1. Heavy welds: Our fire pits boast a heavy welded construction, eliminating weak points or joints. Our welded design not only enhances durability but also offers a sleek, modern aesthetic.
  2. Natural Finish: We allow our steel's natural beauty to shine through. Without paints or artificial finishes, our fire pits showcase steel in its purest form, letting nature play its part. Over time, the steel forms a unique patina, making each fire pit distinct.
  3. Tailored Varieties: Understanding that one size doesn't fit all, our range crafted from American Made Steel caters to various needs, from smaller, intimate settings to grand, expansive landscapes.

In Conclusion

The heart of a memorable outdoor gathering often beats around the flames of a fire pit. At Ohio Flame, we believe that this heart should be strong, enduring, and authentic. Our choice of American Made Steel, combined with unparalleled craftsmanship, ensures that every fire pit we craft isn't just a product; it's a legacy.

When you choose an Ohio Flame fire pit, you're not just investing in a backyard accessory. You're investing in countless memories, warm moments, and the promise of unmatched quality. Let our fire pits be the backdrop to your stories, the warmth in your gatherings, and the reliable companion in your outdoor adventures.

Thank you for being a part of the Ohio Flame family. Here's to many warm nights and brighter flames.

Warm regards, The Ohio Flame Team.

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