Stainless Steel Cook Grate (Made in USA)

Ohio Flame


This durable stainless steel Cook Grate fits select sizes of “The Patriot” Fire Pit and “Fire Chalice” by Ohio Flame. It combines sleek and modern styling with tough American quality and durability. The cook-top area features Stainless Steel 13-gauge expanded metal with 1/2″ openings, ideal for outdoor cooking. The outer ring of the Cook Grate is trimmed 304L Stainless Steel. Two large industrial stainless steel handles allow for easy placement and removal of the Stainless Steel Cook Grate. The Stainless Steel Cook Grate fits snugly and securely onto the “The Patriot” Fire Pit and “Fire Chalice”, much like a lid fits onto a cooking pot. This Stainless Steel Cook Grate is 100% Made in America and crafted by a local artisan.

Add a quality Stainless Steel Cook Grate to your Patriot Fire Pit and Fire Chalice by Ohio Flame and turn your Fire Pit into a wood burning outdoor grill.